2019 Freelance Art Curator, Online Theatre Mail Art Exhibition

Position Duties:
Conceptualized, planned and installed the exhibition
Acquired, collected, and cataloged all works of art

2018 Instructor, United Societies of Balkans NGO

Position Duties:
Seminar 1: Theatre behavior guidelines for actors, audience and staff

2018 Theatre Assistant, Ulysses Artistic and Cultural Conscience Festival

Position Duties:
Interactive project narration
2nd Literary Contest Awards

2017 Performer, In our Image and Likeness: performance of Filippo Berta, Thessaloniki 6th Biennale of Contemporary Art ''Imagined Homes'', State Museum of Contemporary Art

Short description of the collective performance

A heterogeneous group of people is ordered around the perimeter of the exhibition space with the face turned on the wall. Every individual has a hammer, a nail and a crucifix. The performance begins when everybody gets up on the tips of their feet trying to fix to the wall the nail on the highest point that their body can provide. At this moment, the noise caused by the hammer blows saturates the space, becoming as a metaphor of the crucifixion. This enveloping noise makes the action almost carnal on the spectator’s skin.
Then, when all the nails are fixed on the wall, each one places the crucifix, and at that moment becomes visible an irregular line, which defines an above and a below, like the insurmountable limit of a wall that separates the perfect from (above) the imperfect (below).
It becomes essential the height difference of the crucifixes, because it shows the bodily limits of each involved person, becoming a metaphor of the limits that lead to desire what does not belong: perfection.
The performance will produce the final result (the line composed by crucifixes on the wall) that will remain permanently in the days after the inauguration like an installation.

2017 Instructor, Aristotle University Student Week 

Position Duties:

Seminar 1: Basic principles of designing a theatrical program

Seminar 2: Communication and Social Media in Theatre

2016-2017 Social Media Manager, Amalia Theatre

Position Duties:

Involved in the day-to-day curation, management, promotion and distribution of blog content (Facebook)

Managing video, text and photographic material

2015-2017 Social Media Manager,  Blackbox Theatre

Involved in the day-to-day curation, management, promotion and distribution of blog content (Website, Facebook, Twitter).

Managing video, text and photographic material.

2017 Ensemble at Yale Digital Volunteer, Digital Humanities Laboratory at Yale University Library

Position Duties:

Transcription of 90 years of programs from the Yale School of Drama, Yale Repertory Theatre, and other theatrical groups on campus.

2017 Ensemble Digital Volunteer, Billy Rose Theatre Division at The New York Public Library for the Performing Arts

Position Duties:

Transcribing historical theatre programs. Capturing key information about the performances these programs represent. Stuff like: theater name, location, show title and date, as well as details such as cast lists, production staff and the antiquated advertisements found throughout.

2017 Transcription Center Digital Volunteer, The Frank Schiffman Collection: Apollo Theater Cards Project (Set 1) Smithsonian Institute

Position Duties:

The project consists of transcribing information on the cards into 4 columns: Artist, Name, Payment, Comments

2015-2016  Social Media Manager,  Avlaia Theatre  

Position Duties:

Involved in the day-to-day curation, management, promotion and distribution of blog content (Website, Facebook, Twitter).

2015-2016 Contributor, Shakespeare's World Project by the Folger Shakespeare Library in Washington, D.C., at Oxford University and the Oxford English Dictionary of Oxford University Press  

Position Duties:

Transcribing handwritten documents by Shakespeare’s contemporaries. In the first phase of the project only letters and ‘receipt’ (recipe) books. Later, miscellanies, family papers, legal and literary documents.

2015  PerformerPublic Square: performance  of Mischa Kuball, 5th Thessaloniki Biennale of Contemporary Art ''Make it New III'', State Museum of Contemporary Art

Concept, Direction: Mischa Kuball

The German artist Mischa Kuball, draws inspiration from Kazimir Malevich's painting "Black Square" and the exhibition of the State Museum of Contemporary Art "Kazimir Malevich and his students. 100 years since the Black Square. Russian Avant-Garde Works from the Costakis Collection of the SMCA"". On September 16, he presented the performance "Public Square", an action in the public space that requires the participation of the public in order for the city to participate in the celebration of Malevich's Black Square, as well as in a demonstration, a political act. A large group of people dressed in black and white formed a black square on a white frame as they parade down the city center.

You may visit the link

2014-2015  Assistant DirectorLet's Dance Ensemble, Sofouli Theatre

Position Duties:

Organising and running the backstage environment during the running of the show, assisting rehearsals (rehearse in parts, run-through the whole play, technical rehearsal), taking notes, participating in weekly production meetings, customer service/patron greeting, ticketing and seating issues.

2009 Administrative Assistant11th Thessaloniki Documentary Festival

Position Duties:

Public Relations and Customer Service.