• Diploma in English Language and Literature  ALISON-Ireland

The English Language modules cover the fundamentals of grammar and effective speaking and writing skills. 

The English Literature modules analyse literature with an emphasis on renowned authors and poets, such as Samuel Coleridge (Kubla Khan, The Eolian Harp, This Lime-Tree Bower, My prison, Frost at Midnight),  Arthur Miller (The Crucible Acts1-4), and William Shakespeare (Life and Times, The Theatre Scene, The Globe Theatre, Theatre Audiences, Prose, Language, Soliloquies, Macbeth, A Midsummer Night's Dream).

  • English Literature Certificate Program 

Introduction toEnglish Literature (Anoverview of the content of the course), Literary Terms andAnalysis (Literary movements and periods, a glossary of terms for poetryand prose and analysis of a literary passage), Old and Middle EnglishLiterature (This chapter covers 'Beowulf' and introduces some of thecharacters from Chaucer's Canterbury Tales), The Renaissance in EnglishLiterature (Works created by Shakespeare and by Christopher Marlowe,Edmund Spenser and Ben Jonson), 17th and 18th Century EnglishLiterature (Exploring Pilgrim's Progress and Paradise Lost, Restorationcomedy and works by Daniel Defoe, Jonathan Swift and AnnRadcliffe), Romantic Prose in English Literature (This chapterdiscusses the major works of Mary Shelley, Emily and Charlotte Bronte, SirWalter Scott and Jane Austen), Romantic Poetry in EnglishLiterature (Examination of  works by Samuel Taylor Coleridge, LordByron, Percy Shelley, John Keats, William Wordsworth and WilliamBlake), Victorian Literature (Style and influence  of CharlesDickens and his work. Works  by George Eliot, Robert Browning, Alfred LordTennyson and Gerard Manley Hopkins),Turn-of-the-Century Literature (Thischapter covers plays by Oscar Wilde and George Bernard Shaw. The novels ofJoseph Conrad and E.M. Forster are also discussed, along with the poetry ofW.B. Yeats), Modernism in English Literature (Exploring  theworks of T.S. Eliot, Virginia Woolf, James Joyce and Samuel Beckett. Findingout about the controversy surrounding D.H. Lawrence and reviewing  worksby Pound, Stein and Mansfield), Nonfiction in EnglishLiterature (This chapter examines essays by Mary Wollstonecraft andWilliam Godwin. It also discuss the works of Philip Sidney, John Ruskin andJohn Stuart Mill), Analyzing English Literature (Learning how toanalyze poems, fiction, short stories and drama. Learningabout common rhetorical devices and plot techniques)

  • Diploma in Social Media Marketing and Online Reputation Management The Shaw Academy

Social Media, Content and Communication Building
Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, YouTube, Pinterest
Data Analysis and Interpretation
Online Reputation Management
Stategy and Planning for the Future

Diploma in Blogging and Content Marketing The Shaw Academy


Introduction to Blogs
Setting up your own blog
Best practice of Vlogging
The importance of SEO
Content Marketing 101
Creating a compelling personality for your content
Content curation and the Art of Content Planning
Monetising your blog
Managing a community of online followers
Developing your brand through social media

Certificate in Social Media Privacy Hasso Plattner Institut


Password Security
Access Control
Spoofing vs Phishing
Cyberstalking and Cyberbullying
Browsing in Anonymous Mode

Certificate in Becoming a Content Marketer


Introduction to Content marketing
Content Marketing Fundamentals
Staying Relevant
Podcasts and Audio
Blogs, Sides, Newsletters, Photos
Writing Marketing Copy
Viral Marketing: Crafting Shareable Content

Certificate in Writing Press Releases


Picking a topic
Defining your who, what, where, when, and how
Writing a title
Writing a quote
Writing the body copy
Distributing a press release

Certificate in Becoming a Manager


New Manager Fundamentals
Hiring your Team
Onboarding New Hires
Delegating Tasks to your Team
Leading Productive Meetings
Managing for Results
Performance Review Fundamentals
Building Accountability into your Culture
Rewarding Employees

  • Diploma in Customer Service IVCAS UK

Understanding Customer Service
The Customer
Attitude is Everything
Caring for your customer's needs
Customer Retention: how to get them back
Face to Face Customer Service
Telephone Customer Service
Electronic Customer Service
Rescuing Difficult Customers
Make an Impression Every Time

  • Diploma in Photography  The Shaw Academy 

Camera Basics and Types, Introduction to Various Software Applications
ISO, Shutter Speed, Aperture, Shooting Modes
Art in Photography, Composition, The Rules of Thirds, Natural Frames, Cropping
Intro to Outdoor Shooting, Shooting Indoors, Using Flash
White Balance, Colour Balance, Shooting RAW vs JPEG

Certificate in Becoming a Photojournalist


Insights on Photojournalism
Shooting a Photo Essay in 60'
Telling a Family Story
Storytelling in Unconventional Portraiture
Photography Project: Panoramas
Editorial Assignment
Creative Ispirations